Carbon Par is a series of scientific research projects designed to develop a recognized method to estimate carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions from golf course land, producing a land carbon score.

The initiative was based on the urgent need for climate action and the documented ability of turfgrass to store carbon. It was established in 2019 by Eureka Golf, an Icelandic company led by its founder, golf architect Edwin Roald, with roots in sustainable golf course land-use concepts and turfgrass research.

Carbon Par 1, running until 2023, estimates the carbon status of land used by all golf courses within The Golf Union of Iceland. This was launched in 2019 in partnership with The Agricultural University of Iceland and supported by various funders, led by The Scandinavian Turfgrass and Environmental Research Foundation.

Carbon Par 2 builds on the method developed in Carbon Par 1 to achieve a higher degree of accuracy, possibly warranting the future issuing of certified carbon credits. A call is now open for a limited number of golf facilities to take part in the study and have their carbon status estimated.